What Innovation Will Have The Biggest Impact On Society Over The Next 10 Years?

Note: The audio file for this podcast is not available as the podcast, The Science Layer Podcast, is no longer around.

I was recently interviewed by Adam Colliers on the The Science Layer Podcast.  This is a new podcast that hosts interviews with scientists, technologists and innovators. The audio quality is a little rough but listenable (is that even a word?).

We covered a wide range of topics including …

  • The early years and what happened my senior year in college that set the direction for my career
  • How the list of questions (killer questions) was created
  • Why an innovation culture is critical for success (resources, role of failure, etc)
  • Why I didn’t want to be a CEO
  • The areas of technology that have me excited about the future
  • The role of “vision videos” in setting the path of innovation
  • The positive role of technology on society in the next 10 years
  • The one innovation I would love to work on if I had unlimited resources
  • Why unintended consequences are overlooked
  • What should leaders keep in mind when they look to accelerate innovation (e.g. innovation pipeline)
  • How much should an organization invest in R&D (e.g. innovation metrics)
  • What is the idea behind constraint based innovation and why does it speed up the innovation rate
  • Why innovation is a team sport
  • What is the role of government in supporting innovation (e.g. set the BHAG)
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