Why Is Change Important For Innovation Success? S12 Ep7

Guest: Moe Glenner (@MoeGlenner)

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The ability of any organization to have innovation success is defined by its willingness and ability to do things differently. To change. Lets not fool ourselves – change is hard and makes everyone unconformable.

In this weeks show, we discuss the role of change, fear and failure on innovation success. We cover such topics as:

  • Why is change so hard (personal and professional)?
  • What triggers the fear of change?
  • What role does communication play to overcome distrust of change?
  • Why is support of failure critical to a culture of innovation?
  • What is the difference between “slow stupid failure” and “fast intelligent failure”?
  • How do you overcome our personal innovation antibodies that causes us to judge ideas?

About Moe Glenner

Moe Glenner has served in a number of senior management and consulting roles for multi-national, multi-billion dollar enterprises as well as mid-range and entrepreneurial ventures. Moe helps organizations to transform their management and corporate cultural functions through innovation. He is the author of PlusChange: Genesis of Innovation (Jan. 5. 2016 – LID Publishers) and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox and has had many articles on creativity, leadership and change management published in magazines such as Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, The Huffington Post, Internet Truckstop and inBusiness.

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This Weeks Listener Question

In this weeks show, we answer a listener question.

What is idea ranking and why is it important?

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