Winning in the emerging innovation economy S12 Ep42

New ideas are a growing economic driver for society

Innovation is everywhere – in our pockets, in our cars, in our work and in our home. Where do these new ideas come from? New ideas are the foundation of our future and growing economic driver of society. This emerging innovation economy, which value ideas over anything else, is quickly overtaking the information/knowledge economy that we've all been apart of for the last four decades.

In this weeks show, we discuss:

  • The historical impact of innovation investment on the margins of products and services.
  • The role of innovation by acquisition to play catch-up when organizations ignored the need to invest in what creates value in the innovation economy.
  • The impact on gross domestic product (GDP) growth from innovation over the last decade.
  • A definition of the emerging innovation economy and innovation economics.
  • CEO view of the importance of innovation.
  • The role innovation plays in determine the value attached to an organization.
  • Do CEO's consider their organizations ready to deliver the innovations their organizations need?
  • The role of critical thinking and problem solving skills on a teams readiness to innovate.
  • The readiness of individuals today in the job market to have a career in the emerging innovation economy.
  • What are you to do about it?
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Announcing The Innovators Network

As a result of the growing number of individuals, organizations and governments asking for help with their innovation initiatives, I've been searching for a way to meet the demand while not ignoring my other commitments.  Up till now, I've been able to do both but the requests are growing and my time is limited. My day-job is to drive the innovation economy in my role as a CEO at the R&D/Innovation lab for a global industry and I am 100% committed to my team and the companies that fund my innovation work there.

So how do I “pay it forward” to as many as possible?

During today's show, we announced the formation of The Innovators Network LLC which will be run by Mark Varricchione.  Mark and I have worked together for more than 20 years. He has taken, and been certified, in all of my workshops and courses over the years and is in the best position to build a team and take my work and help as many individuals and companies as possible.

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As a result, I have granted The Innovators Network the exclusive worldwide license to all of my content, books, podcast, radio shows, workshops, courses including the Killer Questions.

Mark will be the President and CEO while I take on the Non-Executive Chairman role. I have also invested my own money in to this new venture.

Over the next few weeks, other worldclass innovators will be joining the network and bringing their expertise, content, courses and other tools with them.

Mark's vision for this new entity is ..

Stay tuned as Mark launches a number of exciting programs over the next few months ..

Slides Used In Today's Show

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